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EUR 9.00
The HITAG product line is well known and stablished in the contactless identification market.

The protocol and command structure for HITAG S is based on HITAG 1, including
anticollision algorithm.

256 bit total memory (Read/Write).

Contact us for datasheets or volume orders.
Modulation Read/Write Device -> Transponder: 100 % ASK and Binary Pulse Length
Modulation Transponder -> Read/Write Device: Strong ASK modulation with
Anticollision, Manchester and Bi-phase Coding
Fast Anticollision Protocol for inventory tracking: 100 Tags in 3.2 seconds
Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC)
Optional Transponder Talks First Modes with user defined data length
Temporary switch from Transponder Talks First into Reader Talks First Mode
Data Rate Read/Write Device to Transponder: 5.2 kBit/s
Data Rates Transponder to Read/Write Device: 2 kBit/s, 4 kBit/s, 8 kBit/s

Up to 100000 erase/write cycles
10 years non-volatile data retention
Secure Memory Lock functionality

Supported standards
Full compliant to ISO 11784/85 Animal ID
Targeted to operated on hardware infrastructure of new upcoming standards
ISO 14223 (Animal ID with anticollision and read/write functionality)
ISO 18000-2 (AIDC Techniques-RFID or Item Management)
Supports German Waste Management Standard and Pigeon Race Standard

Security features
32 bit Unique Identification Number (UID)
48 bit secret key based encrypted authentication
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