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How to - Use the Smart VCP (Linux)
Infinity USB Smart (Smart VCP module) guide for Linux

It is possible to use the Infinity USB Smart (Smart VCP module) directly on Linux, a DreamBox or other Linux based embedded systems. A serial port ('/dev/ttyusb0' or '/dev/usb/tts/0') will be created as soon as the Infinity USB Smart is connected to the USB port on the Linux based system.

This guide explains how to install the Smart VCP module and connect the Infinity USB Smart on a Linux based PC, a DreamBox or any other Linux based embedded system, for instance a set-top box (STB).

  1. Set the switch on the bottom of the device to the "NORMAL" position.

  2. Connect the Infinity USB Smart to a Windows PC.

  3. Default drivers for Infinity USB Smart will install automatically if needed.

  4. Install the Infinity USB Smart software, and run the software when done.

  5. From the menu select "Tools->Install module".

  6. Select the "Smart VCP 3.58MHz Smartmouse" module.

  7. Press "Update".

  8. A few seconds later the module will be installed.

  9. Close the software and disconnect the Infinity USB Smart from the PC.

  10. Set the switch on the bottom of the device to "MODULE".

Most Linux distributions and DreamBox images have USB serial drivers included. Simply connect the USB cable to the STB or PC and a serial port will be available as either '/dev/usb/tts/0' or '/dev/ttyusb0'.
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