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Smartmouse USB
EUR 9.50
USB based Smartmouse / Phoenix interface with true COM / serialport emulation supporting existing 3rd party software.
A unique frequency detection feature makes communications-setup easy.
Based on the FT232 VCP from FTDI.
Phoenix/Smartmouse modes are easily changed with the software (supplied on CD), and both 3.58MHz, 3.68MHz and 6.00MHz can be selected, aswell as Phoenix or Smartmouse mode.

Mode selection


The frequency can be selected manually, or the autodetection feature can be used for easy setup.

Smartmouse USB is powersupplied by the USB port, so no external DC-adaptor is needed. Modeselection software and drivers are included on CD.

Software updates are free of charge, and can be downloaded from the download page.

Additional software
[Infinity SIM editor] - Additional software for editing SIM/GSM cards thru the smartcard slot on the Smartmouse USB, using a simple SIM to Smartcard adaptor card.
Backing up, copying or editing the addressbook and SMS/Text messages on your SIM card is fast and easy using this utility.

[Infinity PasswordSafe]
PasswordSafe is used for safe and secure password storage and distribution. Up to more than 1000 passwords can be stored on a single smartcard, and passwords are easily accessed with a custom shortcut key.

What other thinks? Smartmouse USB has been independently reviewed by www.duwgati.com, find the review here.

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