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User's guide (web) - Infinity SIM Editor
With the Infinity SIM Editor, you can use your Infinity USB Unlimited or Smartmouse USB to backup an entire simcard, import phonebook, and manage SMS/Text messages. With the latest version (v1.30 and up), you can even undelete and read previously deleted SMS/Text messages on the SIM card.

Download Infinity SIM Editor from http://www.infinityusb.com/download and run the setupfile.

After the setup is done, open Infinity SIM Editor.

Infinity SIM Editor requires the Microsoft .NET framework to be installed. If you get an error about a missing DLL or an error code "0xc0000135", you do not have the framework installed.
Download it from download.microsoft.com or get it through "Windows Update" (windowsupdate.microsoft.com).

The led on the Infinity USB Unlimited hardware will change to purple while the software is open.

General use

Insert a normal size SIM-card in the SIM-slot (contacts facing down) or insert a large form factor simcard in the smartcard-slot (contacts facing up). Enter the PIN code (typically 4 digits).

The contents on the card (phonebook and SMS/Text messages) will load, and be displayed in a treestructure in the main window.
Selecting an entry will show the details at the bottom window. Rightclicking a phonebook-entry makes it possible to delete or edit the entry or add another. Rightclicking an SMS/Text makes it possible to edit or delete the SMS/Text. Any item in the treeview can be rightclicked. For instance will rightclicking "SMS" makes it possible to delete all SMS/Text messages on the SIM-card and rightclicking "SIM" makes it possible to wipe the entire phonebook and SMS/Text messages..

SMS/Text messages and the phonebook can be imported and exported (in comma separated, CSV, format), and printed from the "File" menu.

Undelete SMS/Text
To undelete SMS/Text messages on the SIM card, enable "Read deleted SMS" in the Tools menu. You can then rightclick individual SMS/Text messages and choose "undelete", or you can choose to "Undelete all SMS" from the Tools menu.

(Some phones deletes the SMS/Text messages completely, and with these SIM cards it is not possible to undelete the SMS/Text messages. The undelete features has however been tested on a number of phones and the Nokia brand in particular makes it possible to undelete messages.)

Backup up the entire SIM-card is easy using the Instant backup feature.

Select "Instant backup" in the "Tools" menu, and walk thru the wizard. The actual backup-files will be stored in the installation folder of Infinity SIM Editor.

Disclaimer: WB Electronics can not be held responsible for any loss of data that may occur using this product.
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